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Circle of Fifths

(388 pages)

Lennie is a piano prodigy raised in a Pennsylvania household where polka music is the norm. She plays classical music and wonders about God and why nuns are so mean and why her father doesn’t talk to her. When her childhood comes to an abrupt end, her music becomes a refuge, the only place where she feels safe. Lennie hids behind Mozart, Chopin, and her hero, Leonard Bernstein. She navigates her own heart as she pours her secrets into her music.

Circle of Fifths is the story of a child who must grow up too fast but who never loses faith in herself or in the power of love and friendship. Lennie’s triumph in the world of music is the triumph of a young woman whose life, love, and destiny is shaped by music.

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jamie b tanner is the pen name for the author, who lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her rock star partner and small menagerie. Rock star as in brilliant, compassionate, and recognizable throughout the community. Not as in the Rolling Stones or anything like that. They have had a very happy life together for the past 23 years.

Why the pen name? Well, jamie b has always secretly wanted to be a writer, but chose a different profession where one sometimes publishes serious things having to do with – well - serious, professional things. Several of her heroes have pen names and it worked well for them.  Inspired originally by Harriet the Spy, jamie b often lurks in crowds with her pen and notebook, jotting down observations or snippets of conversations or possible names for a new character. This is not something that a Serious Professional Person would ever really do, right? But Harriet the Spy got away with it and so does jamie b.

If you’d like jamie b to visit your book group either in person or via skype, it can be easily arranged! Just email jamie@jamiebtanner.net and she will show up with or without trench coat and sunglasses. Your preference. Unless she’s feeling particularly shy and chooses to appear with a paper bag over her head. You never know…


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